From Religion To Life

Discipling others may have its challenges but it’s also fun as we watch the Holy Spirit interact with people and take them on their unique journey with Him.

Hieu and Duyen are a young professional couple from Vietnam who have two young children. They worked in the Netherlands for a time before coming to Australia. A warm, loving and capable couple, they were of the Buddhist faith and loved entertaining.

About five years ago, Hieu was employed by a practising Christian from a local church. His Buddhist faith had taught him that you need to earn salvation by good works. And he was a good man. As his family interacted with some Christian families, he noticed a difference in their approach to spirituality. Instead of his Buddhist striving, he saw them enjoying being children of God. One day while sharing a meal with Christian friends, the conversation turned to schooling. Hieu and Duyen decided to enrol one of their children at a church Kindy and Early Learning Centre. Again they noticed a different approach based on the love, compassion and forgiveness of the Christian God. The family was being discipled by a couple in the church who could see the change happening as they encountered Jesus and His people.

Two years later, with relationships established, they were asked to a worship service. Again they encountered the closeness of God. He was not distant and needing appeasement. As the Holy Spirit touched their hearts they made an initial response to committing their lives to Jesus. Hieu has grown steadily from there and joined a small group. Duyen has joined the childminding team at the Kindy and, as a family, they are regularly involved in a small group and in Sunday worship. 

Their disciplers say they see clearly God’s hand on this couple, a transformation taking place. It is both in their mindsets and in their heart responses as they increasingly function as children of God.

NOTE: Some emerging disciples, particularly those with a history of faith and worship of some kind, will be open to attending church. Others may have a very negative view, equating church attendance with being controlled, hurt by church leaders or overly institutionalised. Each person will walk a unique journey with Jesus but our counsel is to not rush people into church activities. Be patient as they find a meaningful relationship with Jesus.

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